Althea Mallee

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Abstract, Figurative, Landscape, Realism, Street Art, Text-based, Other

About the Artist

Althea Mallee is a locally based artist born in Adelaide that creates a variety of different styles and techniques to produce unique playful and insightful works. As a surfer her love of the ocean is evident in many of her art pieces and she does this through either realistic interpretation or an innovation of the heartfelt and tactile quality the sea emmits. As an intuitive artist she dives into her imagination to create surrealist and fantasy works that can appear to the viewer as magical and otherworldly. After successfully launching her first solo exhibition this year at the Duke of Brunswick she intends to create a new body of work for 2020 following her graduate exhibition at the end of 2019. Currently she sells originals a prints with a steady interest in commissioned work from friends, family and word of mouth. Already having murals completed at local art collectives and vintage shops, Althea hopes to be able to continue her creative and colourful flair by enlivening a space by bringing some new life to the bare walls in and around Adelaide and potentially beyond. Her versatile and friendly cooperative personality enables her to cater to any prospectful business and home owners needs and styles and she is most happy to negotiate and liaise any ideas or wishes with clients.