The beauty of art is that it can be experienced anywhere: in a gallery, a garden - even as you wander down a City street. You can find it on walls, windows, fences and pathways. Art plays an integral role in transforming public places into spaces that draw people in to connect and interact.

Adelaide Art Walls is the place where owners of walls and other canvases in the City can connect and commission work from artists. Whether it’s a mural, painting or 3D sculpture – abstract, figurative or any style at all – City residents, businesses and organisations can use Adelaide Art Walls to find the artist and artwork type that best suits the space they own, then connect direct with the artist to get the project started.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for handy information that will help both artists and wall owners navigate the process of arranging necessary permits and other project logistics. Here you’ll also find information about the City of Adelaide’s Arts and Cultural Grants Program which may be able to provide support for your project.

Enabling Adelaide’s ‘Dynamic City Culture’ is one of the cornerstones of the City of Adelaide 2020-2024 Strategic Plan with the specific goal of increasing public art throughout the city. Public art is recognised as greatly enhancing the experience of those who live, work and visit the City and Adelaide Art Walls provides a unique way for the City community itself to contribute more to the creative, cultural and artistic fabric of the City.