Marciano Arents

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Landscape, Realism, Street Art

About the Artist

I am a self-taught street artist from Amsterdam, specialising in murals, designs, graffiti and canvas. I started drawing from a very young age, and I was interested in creating characters and letters inspired by comic illustrations. I was curious about various art forms which led me to discover the world of street art in Amsterdam, where I grew up.

Experimenting with aerosol paint around 20 years ago, I quickly discovered this was my preferred medium, enjoying the challenge of creating finer details with a spray can and the quick pace it allowed me to work.

I would describe my personal style as a mixture of reality and fantasy, using my surroundings as the canvas and starting point to my creations. I enjoy the challenge of creating works that are photo realistic, improving detail techniques with the aerosol can. Since moving to Australia 3 years ago, I re-discovered my passion for canvas art, employing my artistic skills on a smaller scale, bringing to the canvas the street essence.

Marciano Arents