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Sam Brooks is an Adelaide Based mural artist working in large scale, realistic murals. The content of Sam's work focuses on telling historically significant and culturally meaningful stories about people, culture, history and human connection.

Completing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative writing and Academic Research (UNISA), Sam's work is influenced by his academic background in its historically accurate storytelling and photo-realistic approach to painting. The viewer's curiosity is always rewarded with rich information and local folklore that enhances their understanding of the area and the culture they find themselves in.

In the pursuit of rich stories and cultural impact, many of Sam's works can be found in the internationally recognised silo art trail, featured on the front page of South Australia's art guide, and found all across Australia. From silos in Eudunda, water towers in Wagga Wagga, walls in Gulargambone and mining towns in Roxby Downs. Sam is always looking for interesting characters and rich gems of history that are waiting to be given a platform for the public to enjoy and uncover.

Sam's distinct approach to his subjects and nuanced ability for storytelling has attracted many major brands for collaboration : Holdens, GH MUMM, REBEL, Australia Post, SCANIA, BHP, Variety, Guide Dogs and Hyundai have all employed Sam to tell their stories.

I believe the most significant role that art can play in the public realm is reflecting back the best part of a community in a way that it provides inspiration for others. The mural becomes a guiding light for what we want to see more of in society - whether that be a local hero, a firefighter, a lgbtqia+ spokesperson, an amazing local charity or a community leader. All of these things make us reflect on our own potential to do good and provide a moment to realise that there is good in the world.

In a time where there is so much competition for attention, and the smartphone is forever demanding eyeballs - public art has to find a way to shine so brightly and captivate the viewer so much that they can look up from their phone and engage with the world around them. In my works I am always striving for a slightly exaggerated version of real life, very rich colours and dynamic compositions that demand attention from the viewer. I believe we have to WIN attention from the viewer before we can hope to tell them a meaningful story. History and culture is already very interesting - i simply have to translate it to a wall in a skillful way.

My painting techniques have been learned from classically trained artists working in Oil Paint, such as Will St John (New York), Cesar Santos (Miami), Jaques Franc (France). I have adapted these techniques to use on large scale murals where i work with water based acrylics and various mediums to achieve oil-like finishes. This ensures the work has the richness of oil paint but the longevity of industrial grade outdoor paints.